Lighthouse Capital Branding

  • Lighthouse is a new Capital lender that aims to support the strategic personal and business growth of their clients by providing innovative real estate based financing solutions. They were looking for an expressive and open brand that didn't veer too far towards targeting millennials. Something with an established feel without the negative connotations of a bureaucratic "establishment".

    Made with Chris Zawada            Photography by Joshua Ness / Mike Wilson 

  • “Our clients, brokers and consumers,
    need us to make a decision fast, and
    stick to it. To be true to our word. In this
    way, we are decisive.

    We will be solid, robust and efficient,
    but most importantly our clients will
    see our dedication to doing things the
    right way, all of the time. In this way,
    we are committed.

    We will be creative, innovative and
    dynamic. In this way we will be original.”

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