BAKU 2015

  • BAKU 2015
  • Baku to host first European Olympics in 2015.
    The European Games are a proposed multi-sport event to be held among athletes from all over Europe. The Games were designed and are to be regulated by the European Olympic Committees (EOC). The first edition of the Games is intended to take place in Baku, Azerbaijan in 2015, and every four years thereafter. 13 sports have so far been confirmed for the 2015 Games; negotiations are ongoing to include swimming, gymnastics and athletics.
    Launching of these Games was announced at 41st General Assembly of European national Olympic committees in Rome, on December 8, 2012. The exact dates of the first holding of the Games have not yet been fixed, but the Games will presumably take place in late spring or early summer and will have around 15 sports on the programme.
  • The Idea
    As a rule, the Olympic logo of each country is a character that points out certain national and ethnical features. In this particular case I’ve decided to choose an eagle for a score of reasons. The eagle is a stately and dignified bird that embodies pride and victory. Also, the shape of our country, Azerbaijan, reminds that of a flying eagle, while Baku is situated in the Absheron peninsula, which looks like an eagle’s head.
    I believe that since the Olympics are to be held in Baku, this interesting fact needs to be reflected in the logo and the main character symbolizing our country has to be the eagle’s head.
  • The Concept

    Colours used in the design reflect the colours of the Azerbaijani flag—blue, red,  and green.
    There is the eagle’s head at the centre of the logo which represents the Absheron peninsula. Around it there are blue waves of the Caspian Sea which washes the peninsula and at the same time represents one of the colours of our flag. Designed in red is the eight pointed star from the flag; it also represents the eagle’s eye. At the bottom of the logo there is a tint of green colour that gives the finishing touch to the design since that is the colour that finishes the Azerbaijani flag.
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