North Farm Rice

  • Client Guangzhou Guanglong Rice Association    Designer & Illustrator Meng Zhang    Photographer Ethan Li

    Every chapter starts with a new page, and each grain of rice has its own story to tell. ‘Wuchang’ Rice is harvested from the fertile soils of China’s Heilongjiang Province - its firm, bright granules are complemented by a rich flavour and high nutrient content. In the package design for North Farm, this uniqueness and individuality are encapsulated in a crisp white box that showcases the notion of emptiness and the purity of rice. ‘Zen’ and the expression of love are depicted in a detailed outer layer with delicate illustrations of North-East China’s native fauna, an embossed rice grain and a gold/silver laser foiling that changes colour as it is moved around, reflecting the sky and drawing attention to the user as a unique individual. The design may appear simple but is layered with many complexities that embody the natural, healthy and premium qualities of the rice.

    The reason for separating the rice package into 4 individual packs is because, due to the humid climate in the south part of China, food storage is often an issue and we aimed to resolve this by vacuum sealing the rice into individual packs which allows the consumers to open one individual pack at a time, preserving the rest. Also, by doing so, it allows them to be easily shared and enjoyed with family and friend,  strategically it is another way (through distribution) to introduce this new brand into the market. 

  • Product Features on The Side Panel (Translation)
    1. Direct Exposure of Sunlight - over 2,600 hours of sunlight and up to 10 hours of daylight
    2. Premium Water Source - one of the world's three high quality water sources; it's the same as the Swiss Evian water source
    3. Dark Soil - one of the three largest black soil plains in the world; the organic contents is up to 10%
    4. High Temperature Difference between Day and Night - the daily temperature difference is as high as 12 degrees or more, much more than other places in the same latitude level

  • Information Label at The Back (Translation)
    'Wuchang' rice is from the black soil of perfect latitude being irrigated by the tributary of Changbai Mountain, and fully enjoying the gift of nature. Harvest season only occurs once each year, making the output extremely rare. Soaking seeds, germination, planting, transplanting, irrigation, harvesting, drying and process - these are the step by step processes involved in producing the perfect rice each year. This results in crystal clear, soft and aromatic, slightly sweet and light taste on the palate. North Farm carries the hopes of the farmers, passing on a bowl of happiness.

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