Salvation Army WARdrobe

  • Salvation Army WARdrobe Project
    I was asked by the Salvation Army to contribute to their WARdrobe Army apparel collection. I wanted to create a design that was simple but would still have a unique visual impact. I chose the slogan "Light the Path" to be on the back of the shirt because of the work the Salvation Army does with it's Summer Youth Camp program. They are the guiding light for many children who have no one to turn to or guide them at home.
    You can help support the Salvation Army by purchasing my shirt or one of the other shirts designed
    by some incredible designers here.
    *The postcard and Guerrilla marketing campaigns are a continuation of the "Light the Path" campaign, they are hypothetical and were produced to only further explore how I envisioned the campaign across other mediums and are not actually affiliated with the Salvation Army.

  • Direct Mail Post Card
  • Guerrilla Marketing
    Matchboxes that would be given away around town at the time a customer pays at
    various camping, sporting goods or boutique shops.