Drav - Brand Identity, Packaging, Creative Direction

  • Drav. Brand identity, packaging design, digital design (drav.ca), and overall brand creative direction. It was a pleasure to launch a new beer brand and icon, brewed for the young and free. One that believes pink is for everyone. 

    Windsor, a vintage typeface, is paired with an industrial and highly functional Suisse to create a distinct contrast, marked by an ownable and unignorable colour palette. 

    Images captured in an editorial style with
    photographer Alex Blouin. 

  • TEAM
    Client Partner: Drav
    Design Director: Justin Lortie
    Creative Direction: Sarah Di Domenico
    Graphic Designer: Olivier Laporte
    Art Direction: Nathan Levasseur
    Digital Designer: Guillaume Vaillancourt
    Photographer: Alex Blouin
    Production: Wedge with Ball International