Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA)

  • Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA), located in Long Beach, CA, is the only museum in the United States dedicated to curating and showcasing modern and contemporary Latino and Latin American art.

    This bold and contemporary identity takes heavy inspiration from Mesoamerican architecture as its main visual reference. The modular custom-designed typography and signature graphic shape resonate with the boldness of Mesoamerican pyramids, while the vibrant colors speak to the pulsating energy and cultural richness of Latin American culture. This visual language lives across a wide-variety of dimensional realmsprinted matter, garments, and interactive web space. 

    This brand direction brings the past into the present, fusing the rich history and heritage of Latin American culture with the dynamic and contemporary aspects of the present.

    Instructor: Brad Bartlett  
    Model: Peace Park

    ArtCenter College of Design South Campus Gallery (5th floor).
    Hoffmitz Milken Center for Typography (HMCT) "Backslant" Exhibition (October 27, 2018–January 13, 2019).