• Objective
    To create a unique and ownable brand identity that captures the essence of Education.com. The identity should function well across multiple applications and mediums, in various formats and sizes.

    A Sharpened Guide
    An iconic symbol of education, this concept centers on the power of a pencil, but digs deeper into what a pencil’s mark can mean and make. It can be weaving, because progress never happens in a straight line. It can be easily erased, because a pencil allows realm for mistakes. The line also plays with a visual iconography set that adds assertional navigation and power to the language, further showcasing Education.com as a recourse that guides a child’s path.

    Agency: Character
    Creative Direction: Rishi Shourie
    Identity / visual system / Motion / illustrations: Bella Huang
    Identity / Photography Direction: Christy Silva
    Identity: Liz Tran