• Gri is a natural Slovak wine of variety Pinot Grigio, which the name was also derived from. It has an interesting lively character, 
    a bit raw, but smooth in the end, what makes Gri outstanding. Visual shorthand–typographic play of asterisk and degree glyph matches these qualities across overall communication. For the first batch of Gri we have decided to create calligraphic labels that
    represent its spontaneity through language it talks. In the process of creation monochromatic artworks was used ruling pen for airy writing, charcoal for scribbling and stamping method to create a natural, detailed structure. Series is accented with additional
    design, vital painting from Slovak colorist Dominika Žáková, so labels can vary enough within the same type of wine. Instead of
    a classic vinyl seal cover, we have decided to use white wax to support overall authentic feel.

    Product photography: Tamara Eliášová​​​​​​​

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