BENU Billboard optical illusion

  • We have been approached by the BENU German Pharma groupe, (suisseoffice) by the end of August.
    They needed a concept and a Digital Artist capable of building a 18 metres template for the Swiss Bus BENU.CH Campaign.  
    That you could see it in the streets of Fribourg Switzerland until the 1 January 2020.

    We had a lots of contraints due to the acceptation of the OCN (Traffic Office) and the TPF (Bus company) the first 2 prototype as been rejected due to the too big amount of realism ( they say )
  • Crew

    Jacob Muller 

    Benu Marketing Dep.
    M. T
    G. U.
    O. N.

    Media-F MultiPrint Sa 
    Sandra Zobbi 
    Dominique Waeber
  • Below 1st Prototype version. 
  • Below 2nd Prototype version accepted by the Ceo's 
  • Below the Productions Files. 
  • Photographs of the actual real bus