60's Los Angeles | Photography Book Design

  • Branding a jewel waiting to be discovered
    I'm excited to share a project that I feel lucky to be a part of.

    Joey Tranchina is an iconic American photographer from California who documented Los Angeles, San Fransisco and Mexico in the 60’s and New York City in the 70’s all in black and white using his Hasselblad and Leica M2. Since building his extraordinary portfolio he never made his work available to the world until his family started dusting off the boxes of films in early 2018.  Since the surfacing of his photographs he won Palm Springs Photography Contest and started attracting globally renowned art and history museums and galleries.

    I was fortunate to design his first ever limited edition photography book. This book is of his work from documenting Los Angles in the 60’s. The book already got great feedback from important art organizations and started opening major doors for his upcoming fame in the world of photography. We are continuing on with the rest of our branding process, stay tuned.

  • Photos 
    Below you get a peak into a small selection of Joey's work from the 60's. After going through a tedious selection process out of hundreds of photographs, we got all the film scanned professionally.