Illustrations—Tiens bon-chérie Collection

  • Our second collection of art prints was inspired by motivational posters people used to hang in 1980's corporate offices; the "Hang In There Baby!" poster (roughly translated "Tiens bon-chérie!" in French) being the most popular. Our intent was to elevate this genre of kitsch posters; making them more aesthetically elegant by combining Victorian-era French patterns with modern typography and more conceptually visceral by changing the content (most of which came from a book about a 19th century, U.S. type foundry called "MacKellar, Smith's & Jordan" that was written by Doug Clouse and published by Oak Knoll Press). 
    Whether in your living room, bedroom, in your studio or cubicle; we hope that these posters will inspire you to find light amidst the darkness, to imagine, create, and just keep plugging away.