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    «From the very beginning we've always thought differently. 
    And done things differently too. From the slipper created 
    by Cyrus and James Clark back in 1825 to the world's first 
    foot-shaped shoe; from our kids' ranges in whole sizes, 
    half sizes and a choice of widths to our state-of-the-art
    iPad foot gauge; from innovative underfoot cushioning 
    to rapid prototyping and 3D printing, brilliant ideas are 
    what set us apart.»


    The visual design of this concept is made to first select 
    and put in the first place the shoes themselves. Minimalism, 
    aesthetics and functionality are the main three whales 
    on which this concept is based. Unusual lineup 
    and background videos on the main page help 
    to complement the visual image.

  • The project is designed for non-commercial purposes. 
    All materials, videos, images belong to the owners and brand Clarks.

    2018 © Kirill Kim 

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