• Worsley Urban

    Worsley Urban


    Toronto, Ontario

  • We were approached by property developer Worsley Urban to initiate a soft rebrand. The objective was to create a new visual identity that would reflect the work that they produce, while maintaining their existing brand.

     Our strategy was to instil a connection between the previous visual identity and the new one by utilizing elements from the original, and altering it to create a recognizable brand for their potential buyers. The decision to use an icon allowed us to maintain a ‘nod’ to the previous identity. This treatment allowed for a seamless transition into the new branding.
  • Incorporating influences from their work and from urban architecture, we used their initials as a foundation, implementing a similar line treatment that they originally had in their wordmark to create an icon. The icon symbolizes an architectural structure that is both dynamic and solid in nature.

    The new visual identity reflects their philosophy in building flexible and sustainable boutique residences that complement their surrounding neighbourhoods.