'Blockchain and digital society' - newspaper

  • Using the internet brings the “whole world” into homes and workplaces. We are, in a period of great change, but what affects us in the first person are the consequences of an effect due to technology, which we feel only recently, seeing our inability to learn from history and reverse individualistic values in a world now lived globally. We are doing it also from the point of view of entertainment and the idea of pleasure. Rather than freeing ourselves from our anguish and bringing us closer to each other, technology is making us slaves and leading us to a comatose state of perennial anxiety. Humans are by nature selfish, tribal, gullible and convenience seekers who put the most trust in that, which seems familiar, driven by fear. We are even more than before distinguishing ourselves by race and religion, as in the darkest periods of history, because we are not ready to adapt to the vastness of the world. Today’s perspective includes global warming, mass biological extinctions, growing social inequality, people who, instead of being freed from work, are simply without work and a concrete perspective of wars and tensions. Science and technology continue to advance but there is a gap between the two. Soon we will progress on our knowledge of the world, but it will not change much from how we live today.