Facebook "Like" Monument Hispanic Heritage Design

  • Facebook Hispanic Heritage Month Like Monument
  • The “Like” Monument sits right outside the entrance of Facebook Headquarters in Menlo Park, CA. It serves as a hybrid of signage, much-photographed landmark by tourists, campus visitors and locals alike. Recognizing this attention, Facebook began creating special designs to celebrate significant cultural moments for Facebook and its neighboring communities.

    The Facebook Analog Research Lab invited our team at In-House to develop the graphics for Hispanic Heritage month in 2018. The objective: to create a vibrant, friendly, inclusive design that would invite engagement, celebrating the Hispanic Community in the area and beyond.

  • Color exploration for Hispanic Heritage Month Monument 
  • Process

    Armed with a creative brief, we set off to explore three directions.

    The first was pattern based, and the most abstract and geometric of the three. It referenced the geometric, repetitive patterns that are found throughout Central and South America on everything from baskets to textiles to architectural decoration—notably bas-reliefs and painting on temples.

  • The second was inspired by popular graphics. It is specifically aware of the familiarity of Californians with the visual vernacular of traditional Central and South American restaurants and the oilcloth designs that adorn many tables. The idea is to celebrate the everyday Hispanic experience as part of the everyday experience of the broader community.

    The third and final proposal stylistically referenced Mexican (and later, Latin American and U.S.-based) muralism and Otomí embroidery. From that pictoric style, we developed simple illustrations and compositions that celebrate everyday life and combines pop and traditional touchstones central to the Latinx identity.

  • Results

    Once the direction was selected and a broad composition approved, it was time to have community weigh in. We collected their comments and explored symbols to make the composition more inclusive and more relatable culturally. This meant developing a new set of cultural icons that included elements more evidently linked to South America.

    These included a bombilla for mate, a llama, a guitar, more tropical plants, a rooster, and salsa dancing. We also added some relevant cultural touchstones that feel appropriate to the full group: fútbol (as a soccer jersey), a guitar playing music.

    Color explorations focused on getting the right balance of vibrancy, cultural relevance, and regulatory compliance with the city of Menlo Park.

    The monument was unveiled outside of Facebook HQ in September 2018

  • Photo credit: Scott Boms

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