• Boken
    Gunilla Heilborn, 2018

    "Boken" ("The Book") is part two of Gunilla Heilborn's (according to herself), somewhat elongated trilogy of memory lecture performances that she started in 2017 with the performance "The Wonderful and The Ordinary". This time she stands on stage with her assistant Louise and asks if it is possible to construct a system that holds the memory of all humanity. Or if that was just something that the renaissance people managed. At that time, they had access to the magical effect of the perfect proportions.

    "Boken" is a Lecture Performance with text as a base – a format that Heilborn began to develop in 2015 with her performance The Knowledge (2015). The performance also includes Pictures & Figures, Sound & Dance, and Textile Art by Katarina Wiklund.​​​​​​​

    The publication was used to guide the audience through the performance.

    Premieres at Dansens Hus in Stockholm 2 October, 2018.
    Graphic design by Studio Reko
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