• Ladonia is a micronation built on freedom and expression. Ladonia proclaimed independence in 1996, following years of court battles between an artist and local authorities over the location of two sculptures, Nimis and Arx. Nimis, latin for ‘too much,’ is made with 75 tons of driftwood and is a chaotic towering sculpture. Arx, latin for ‘fortress,’ is made of stone and is a sculpture with organic twisting shapes. 

    In collaboration with Adobe Live, we designed a ‘national identity’ for Ladonia, complete with national colors, flag, passport and more. Inspired by the visual construction and organized chaos of Nimis, we designed a family of custom typefaces that became the core of the Ladonian visual identity. The national colors are inspired by the landscape in which the sculptures live. To learn more about the process and how we started this project, check out our videos with adobe live.

    Adobe Live Links: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3