• Oli - cosmetic brand which produces natural tanning oils. Their main goal is to provide you awesome skin glow while using only 100% premium oils, provide you the best experience on the sun with full skincare protection. All products are vegan and cruelty free. 

    The Challenge:

    Oli is the new tanning oils line, so they wanted to create catchy brand positioning in minds of new customers. They wanted to stay elegant but still playful, feminine and be easy to connect with. The main task was to create whole branding, identity and package design with shipment materials. Oli product line consists of  3 tanning oils (apricot, coconut and mango, almond and coconut) and skincare protectful after sun cream. 

  • The Solution:

    Were decided to create whole brand direction based on the brand name. Oli can be a real character, someone you want to take with you. Someone who has his own voice. It's your protecting friend on the beach. During brand strategy were developed messaging for the brand with catchy replicas, as if the brand was a real person. 

    Inspired by sea views and our imaginary character, were decided to connect these two parts together by graphic elements for creative direction. Were developed elegant graphic element - line, which can be translated as sea wave on the beach and as a signature of real person. We've used serif + sans serif typography to showcase modern but still elegant vibes. Brand color palette consists of nude pastel colors (pink, orange, brown) as emphasis on any skin tone, with main color accent - gentle light blue, which perfectly associates with sea theme.

    Client: Oli |  Service: Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Package Design | https://www.shop-oli.com/
    Publications: Mindsparkle Magazine | World Packaging Design  We And The Color Packaging of the World | Inspo Finds
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