Star Wars & Adidas Collaboration Fantasy

  •                                      AD/SW/AST/2020

    So this is it, my first shoes design, I don’t know why it took me so long to make one attempt, since I remember when I was a kid I always love shoes, all of them, when I start working for a regional adidas agency in my country and they ask me to do a 3d model for a 3d print model activation, I found out that not only I can do a 3d model but I can render out really well. So that had me thinking, Well I’m an Industrial Designer so why not design a shoe and visualize it the best possible way.

    So with that in my mind, I think of this fantasy where adidas and star wars do a collaboration shoe based on a stormtrooper. The proportions, the colors the aesthetics and some of the last elements of the last star wars movies, so I start out sketching out and this is the result hope you like and help me to make adidas see this. Thanks.