Cover lettering and vignettes for Magasinet Filter


    Jenni Carström, Art Director at award-winning Magasinet Filter (for example Stora Journalistpriset, Guldspaden and Årets Tidskrift), wanted a hand-drawn mark to celebrate their 10 year anniversary as a magazine. Jenni already had found a “swooshy” script style on my website that would fit, so my initial focus was to find a good composition for the lettering. After a whole lot of free hand sketching I selected four options to show Jenni and Magasinet Filter. They chose an option where I had designed the number “10” in the same lettering style as the logo for the magazine. After some initial feedback I also refined the lettering to make sure it was legible in all sizes. One challenge with the lettering were to create an solution that could stand on its own but also at the same time work together with the logotype for Magasinet Filter. To summarize, both me and the client are very pleased with the outcome – the two lettering style works perfect together.  

    Besides the celebration mark I also designed year vignettes for the celebration issue (2008–2017). Happy viewing! 

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