Client: Zonice is a frozen yogurt cafe chain located in Saudi Arabia.

    Challenge: Our task was to refresh the overall look of the brand, to fine-tune the strategy and to create a complex brand 
    identity guideline that would result in covering all of the aspects of the touchpoints of the brand. The gamut runs from 
    developing logomark and slogan to creating illustrations, packaging, and both interior and exterior design.

  • Branding

    Zonice brand has a cheerful, friendly, and happy tone of voice. Hence, we revised all the brand materials initially 
    and created a branding system with a compelling character, descriptive and detailed illustrations and other various 
    brand assets that transmit this tone in the  solely bright and precise way subsequently.

    “Freshly Made Happiness” is the slogan that  highlights the true essence of the core values of Zonice brand. 
    We found it critical to emphasize that only fresh ingredients combined in order to deliver pure and genuine happiness. Fortunately enough, it rather sounds good in Arabic, at that :) 

  • Brand Identity Guidelines + Brand assets

    We aimed to create a strong, bright, and dynamic brand identity that would communicate brand’s values throughout a broad spectrum of various touch points. A powerful mix of colors, customized font, memorable character combined with meaningful icons, set of illustrations, and a friendly copywriting led to the creation of a rich Zonice visual language that can effortlessly transform any object or space into the brand territory.

  • Arabic adaptation

    Most of the mass food serving business in Saudi Arabia is built on franchising. It was important to develop a robust 
    and well-established local brand that could easily communicate with its customers in both English and Arabic tongues. Rebranding strengthened the perspectives of growing the business within the local market and provided its further 
    expanding to other countries down the road.

  • Corporate colors, fonts and adaptation for the Arabic market

  • Neon story

    The neon is one of the main brand assets of the style. Basically, it is the drawing of the world “Zonice” with its numerous characters and unique atmosphere on the walls of a cafe and some of the branded items. This aspect adds a dynamic touch 
    to the style, thereby making it literally talk with the visitors. The Penguin, who is the main Zonice’s hero, has just written the 
    word “Cool” on the exterior signage, while the neon thread, which is built in the floor starts from the outside and leads inside, saying “Hello”.

  • Planning solution

    The chain of Zonice cafes introduces traditional locating within the city buildings and also those that are situated 
    in the shopping malls. Each Zonice location has a specially reserved counter, where a prospective customer can choose 
    different products and place his order. Additionally, this counter contains the showcases with ice-cream with a rich selection 
    of toppings, menu, POS, and a section for kids with a unique sidestep that allows the little ones to see the range of toppings 
    they can choose from. Also, we placed an information stand with the fresh news and brochures, refrigerated cabinet 
    and shelving unit for the takeaway products, main sitting area, counter seats with the sockets for charging devices, 
    and disposal unit. What is more, an outdoor sitting area can also be placed if there is a specific location which can be 
    qualified to execute such action.

  • Planning scheme​​​​​​​
  • Zonice exterior
  • The door handles are the big ice-cream sticks. Fake footprints on the sidestep for kids. 

  • Branches design

    Zonice is presented in a number of locations all around Saudi Arabia. One of our  principal tasks was to support the growth 
    of the business by providing every new franchising partner with the correspondent materials. We are responsible for area planning, technical documentation and 3D visualizations of new locations, let alone we supervise our client on every step.  

  • Zonice brand identity guidelines 

  • Creative Directors – Boris Alexandrov & Anna Alexandrova
    Account Manager – Daria Svidchenko

    Art Director – Elena Parhisenko
    Graphic Designers – Server TerlekchiAleksandra Gerasymenko
    Copywriter – Dimitry Panasiuk
    Illustrator – Aleksandr Osipenko
    Motion designers – Alena Merenkova, Server Terlekchi
    Arabic Font Adaptation – Mostafa EL Abasiry

    Interior Design – Anna Alexandrova, Alexander Gusarev
    Technical Drawings – Liza Kudinova, Elena Guryeva
    3D Visualization – Aleksander GusarevSergey Makuhovskiy

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