Behance Portfolio Reviews Krasnoyarsk #3 2018

  • A few words about
    On the 15th of September, 2018 we conducted Behance Portfolio Reviews #3 
    in Krasnoyarsk. To say that it was cool would be a huge understatement!

    Registered guests: 140
    Submitted works: 9
    Jury members: 4
    Speakers: 3

    We had the first permanent participants - the guys who performed at Behance Portfolio Reviews #2 and purposefully prepared for Behance Portfolio Reviews #3

    We had representatives of studios who specially arrived from the neighboring region to take part in the event. The guys received an incredible charge 
    of motivation and returned home with bright-eyes.

    Our event erases the border between generations!  One of the winners did not reach the age of 20, and was already able to impress the famous masters from the jury with his work. Another couple (yes, we had a pair performance) — is over 40 years old.
  • 1. Marina Husnutdinova

    2. Julia Porotova and Evgeniy Porotov

    3. Alexander Momotov
  • 4. Olesya Vladimirovna

    5. Artyom Belluyan

    6. Artyom Perevalov
  • 7. Evgeniy Add

    8. Rostislav Popov 

    9. Yan Fedorov
  • 1. Gennadiy Omyshev

    2. Maxim Kuldoshin

    3. Alexander Awerin

    4. Valeriy Pavlovich
  • 1. Nastya Kino, T Studio

    2. Pavel Marin, Feel Factory

    3. Alexander Pedchenko, CHIPSA
  • It is very pleasant to realize that there are so many professionals and so many talented people in our city. Behance Portfolio Reviews in Krasnoyarsk is growing 
    in all directions and we will contribute the process and enhance the movement. Next year we will raise the bar of the organization again!
    We have a lot of interesting things ahead of us!
    Stay tuned and see you soon!
  • See you at
    Portfolio Reviews
    Krasnoyarsk #4 
    next year