ITALIAN'S SONGS poster collections

  • This poster collection is inspired by four Italian's songs.
    Every artwork represents a particular moment inside the song that it depicts.

    To better appreciate these works it would be better to know the songs that they portray, so I will try to translate the sentences i drawn.

  • Cin Cin, Baustelle. 
    "Toast to our forever and our but.
    To our dependencies.
    To the style that makes us ourselves.
    You and I, there is no future"

    La Ballata Delle Ossa" Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti.
    "I'll dig to pull out of bones from my garden
    and than I will stick them in my flesh"
    "Hipsteria" I Cani.
    "The Negroni that you were watching and mixing from the top
    at the end of July, after your exames"
  • "Vestirsi Male" Ministri.
    "Spending the night smoking Turkish sigarets"