Epson Printer Ink Packaging

  • Epson Printer Ink Packaging
    Package Redesign
  • My goal was to update the look of the Epson Printer cartridge boxes to make them appeal more to the upscale designer and photographer audience that the brand attracts, as well as find a way to make it easier to put used cartridges back into the box and seal it. One major problem I’ve found with Epson Printer Ink boxes, there is no way to reseal or close the box once opened in order to reuse the box to recycle the ink. Many places (Staples being one of them) recycles ink and has an incentive program for customers to bring back old cartridges for money/store credit. I never want to bring back just the cartridge, so I would try and reuse old boxes only to find out there’s no way to close them again without using tape. I wanted to find a new way for the cartridge to sit in the box for recycling, in order to reuse the box once you bought your new cartridge.