• Water is the beginning of all. In the Mayan language, HA' means water and yes, a magical word that evocates freshness and flow. HA' is Carlos Gaytan's restaurant, the first Mexican Chef to win a Michelin star, and it is a gastronomical experience located in the paradisiac Hotel Xcaret México at the Mayan Riviera.

    Xcaret is a unique destination, an historical place that was multicultural center during the Pre-Columbian era, where all the nations of Mesoamerica met each other among its water canals that flow towards the Caribbean Sea.

  • HA' is a total experience, where one enjoys the full taste of the honest contemporary Mexican cuisine, framed by an architectonic and interior design by David Quintana, rich in details, with an exquisite curation and wonderful sculptural elements.

    We developed the concept and branding of this iconic restaurant working closely with Hoteles Xcaret. HA’ is a kinetic brand. The interaction of the waves on a transparency creates a set of patterns of movement. The isotype is this initial water drop, that generates a dynamic aesthetic. The logotype employs a classic and elegant typeface, able to be used in different versions but always ensuring a clarity that reflects the permanence of a brand that flows like life itself.