FIRM barbershop

  • FIRM was created by our team as a brand of a man. Every and each part of the FIRM is exudes real life values relevant for any man on earth. Launched in 2012 as a brand for a small barbershop, FIRM became a market leader in 3 years in the industry and still remains the number one local brand for man. As of today FIRM operates in 4 countries and has 8 branches.
    Made in .inhale agency
    Jobs done:
    — Brand identity
    — Brand positioning statements
    — Interior design concept guidelines
    — Customer experience guidelines
    — Business strategy
    — Marketing strategy
    — Communication plans
    — Marketing activities
    — Creative and operational production supervision
    Creative strategy — Boris Zelenkevich
    Marketing strategy — Anton Maksakov
    Freedom of Choice film — BURO
    Andrey Zhulidin: designer, illustrator