• Challenge
    Coinsafer Lda was founded in 2016 in Lisbon - Portugal. The team of the company has experience since 2010 in the cryptocurrency system. The company's policy is characterized by its transparency of storage and withdrawal of funds and solvency, as well as the ability to conduct audits in real time. Customer focus and ambition to achieve leadership positions in the professional industry, led the company to update and revitalize visual communication and surpass competitors. The beginning was laid in 2018.

  • Solution
    The main message is integrity and reliability. Attention to detail. Safety and preservation. This visual and emotional message the client receives in any contact with the company, whether it is a logo, advertising communications, interior offices. The concept of visual identification is based on the name Coinsafer, combined with atmospheric images, bright colors and gradients, which serves as a decoration for both business documentation and presentations and office space.

  • Results
    Coinsafer positions itself as a completely new company. Market awareness, reputation among customers started to rise. The management of the company was inspired by the new design to create a new structural division of the company.