XWHITE is company that develop software White label. White label is a model of cooperation in which one company produces a product and the other sells it under its own brand. The term came from the music industry: promotional copies of vinyl records were sent to radio and clubs in white packages — the design and production volume depended on the reaction of the first listeners. The white label strategy is widely used in the production of electronics, food and software. This approach eliminates the need for brands to invest in their own technologies and infrastructure. White label allows manufacturers to focus on product quality and increase sales without investing in sales development.  

    Within the framework of the complex project the brand positioning was developed based on minimalistic colors, laconism of form, natural textures of pure materials. This unique visual concept has been developed in all communications, comprehensively forming a premium brand image. The visual solution consists of two halves, on the one hand it is clean and impersonal, on the other - recognition and memorability.