President Obama's Achievements

  • In the months leading up to the 2012 election, I worked with the Obama Campaign to re-elect the President to a second term. In the final days, we put together a set of eight designs on what was accomplished in his first term; jobs created, taxes cut, health care reformed, and so on. Pushed out on the vast network built by the campaign and reaching millions of voters, it was an honor to design for the cause, highlight what the President did and point to what's left to be done as we move America forward. 
  • PROCESS NOTES: There wasn't much of a process on these. They sent me this email: 

    ... hoping for images around the president's major achievements—seven or eight, each one with one image that's sort of iconic of the accomplishment + a few words of header text.

    -- should definitely do -- 
    1. Added 4.6 million new private-sector jobs
    2. Cut taxes for 95% of all working families
    3. Ended the war in Iraq
    4. Reformed our health care system
    -- plus a couple of these? -- 
    5. Saved the U.S. auto industry
    6. Brought justice to Osama bin Laden
    7. Made college more affordable for millions of students
    8. Repealed "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

    And I sent back the graphics.

    DESIGN NOTES: When it comes to share graphics, I prefer textures over flat color.