Canary Commons

  • Canary Commons

    Dream and Kilmer Group

    Residential Real Estate

    Toronto, Ontario


    Interior Design
  • Canary Commons is the fifth residential development to join LEED Certified master-planned community, Canary District. Working with Canada’s largest real estate company, Dream, and Canadian private partnership investors, Kilmer Group, our team developed and integrated a complete brand system into the Canary District brand family.

    Creating a brand that was consistent within the Canary District neighbourhood identity meant that we needed to be selective with the strategy and positioning of this new identity. Since the previous residences were branded by colour, it required a visual identity and colour palette that could live independently, as well as be versatile to work within the district’s existing colour profile.
  • The naming process required certain constraints, in that the name ‘Canary’ needed to be part of the overall identity in order to maintain consistency throughout the Canary District brand. This directed the strategy to focus on the key elements at hand: the name needed to represent a community that is both inclusive as well as be authentic to its own identity.

    We chose Commons, meaning ‘a shared space’, as the secondary name that would represent the large variety of offered amenities being implemented into the residence. From a shared work space, to a fully equipped fitness centre, and a playroom for children, the name fully embodies the essence of the residence.
  • The graphic language was developed to work within the concept of community and interactivity of the residents. Using shapes to represent the diversity of the community, this treatment was carried through into the identity. The wordmark created reflects the graphic treatment and concept of the overall branding.

    The colour palette was selected to align with the existing colour profile that was used in previous projects. The primary colour fluorescent lime, was a strategic move and an unconventional choice for the real estate market. This approach leveraged the brand and was used to create a dynamic campaign that would entice potential buyers and elevate the neighbourhood.

    The messaging ‘Made for you’ individualized the experience for the purchasers, allowing the audience to have the opportunity to have a curated experience within a communal brand.