The Positivity Project

  • The Positivity Project's goal is to work with schools to help create citizens and leaders who will enhance our communities and country by internalizing the belief that “Other People Matter.” We had the privilege to develop the brand and their website, which is their main marketing platform.
  • We worked hard with The Positivity Project team to create a site that was easy to understand and navigate. In addition to that experience, we incorporated as much of the Google platform as possible, since the vast majority of school systems were used to using those materials daily.
  • The Positivity Project wanted to make sure educators and administrators could get material any time and anywhere they needed it.
  • The leaders at The Positivity Project help to empower students to build strong relationships by equipping educators with the knowledge, confidence, and resources to teach positive psychology’s 24 character strengths. The logo mark and brand needed to be clear and work off the simple plus (+) symbol that signifies that their process starts with a positive outlook.