Working Californians

  • This political campaign was designed to rally union members and supporters to defeat California Proposition 32. I was part of the creative team who executed a multi-channel effort to get the word out and get people to the polls on election day.
  • The direction provided was part WPA, part Hatch Show Print. An activism campaign of bold type, rough textures and direct language. The Knockout typeface by Hoefler & Frere-Jones worked very well for its condensed/extended versatility. And in all caps it's hard to find a better fit for the messaging.
    Where the campaign direction wanted to go is a natural fit for the type of work I've honed in on over the years. Using a catalog of bitmap textures, dot patterns and vector grit, everything played nicely together with the various layering and offsets to give the designs that letterpress, DIY look. All while still being very clear and able to be produced on an aggressive timeline. 
  • Bright red, deep turquoise, light grays and black was the palette. Simple shapes of money bags and business men helped with an additional punch of visual context. Bold call-to-action and we're out. Crosby, Stills and Nash never looked so good.