• Set Design and Creative Direction for New York based dance company “Accidental Movement” latest work “Raphael”
    Artistic Director and Choreographer: Mariangela Lopez
    Photos by: Ioulex
    In an attempt to reveal the multilayered inner landscape of a performer, RAPHAEL presents the performance as an act of remembering, channeling, and invoking to produce the transcending instant of the “show.” Five performers explore the phenomenon of tarantism and challenge the idealized image of the performer by studying the histrionic physicality of iconic Spanish male singers that were part of Lopez’s childhood cultural references. Convinced that these idols still influence the way she conceives the body on stage, Lopez juxtaposes past personal experiences, dreams, and desires with future possibilities to unveil the piece’s collective identity.
    Led by choreographer Mariangela Lopez, RAPHAEL involves the participation of 5 performers Laurel Atwell, Anna Azrieli, Mor Mendel, Mariangela Lopez and live music by Jason Grisell, set design by Mogollon NY (Monica Brand and Francisco Lopez), lighting design by Jon Harper and costumes by Christian Joy.
    Music Jason Grisell
    Performers Anna Azrieli, Laurel Atwell, Mor Mendel, Mariangela Lopez and Jason Grisell
    Costume Design Christian Joy