JACARANDA Kids Art Book Exhibition.

  • Jacaranda School - Kids Art Exhibition Book

    Time to learn, express, feel and enjoy; red, large, stained, bent; feel, close, run and sit down again. Concept and direction, detail as energy of contagion and contagion, traces of a teaching and letters that will never be erased. hot stamping without film, relief at the mercy of light, the white volume inspires us to keep in this project an invisible and eternal gesture in the collective memory of its small protagonists.

    #love #memory #art #fun

    A space to imagine and learn. Where the affective and warm bond is fundamental for the daily task. With respect for the times and individual modalities. In a container environment, where the kids feel safe and can fully enjoy themselves. We believe in: The acquisition of knowledge through interaction, active exploration with the environment that surrounds them.


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