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    The organic product market is an ever-growing market and already accounts for 4% of the entire food market. Even large supermarket chains have begun to sell organic food as well as all food products; because organic product sales have gone up 4 times in the last 10 years. Obviously, people are now more conscious about food choices and prefer to go for healthy alternatives.

    In addition to its sustainability, it means no chemicals, synthetic fertilizers, genetically modified organisms and ionizing radiation when grown.

    When all these harmful factors are removed for our health, we hope that feeding with organic products will be nutritious for your body; but when we allow ourselves to consume any food because it is organic, we may actually be deceiving ourselves. So we should choose healthy and nutritious organic foods as well.
  • Scope of work:
    Brand strategy / Brand identity
    Digital design / UX / UI
    Information architecture
    Application design
    Packaging system
    Brand compliance support
    Retail Interior

    3D Render: Nükte Birol
    Art Director: Fatih Hardal

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