RONDIBLU™. Rest Company. Conceptual Branding.

  • RONDIBLU© is a company whose mission is to help people sleep and rest better. There is increasing evidence that sleeping badly affects how we feel, how we work and even how we enjoy the things we like. And in a context in which we are increasingly concerned about our well-being.
    Concept– Organic movement. Development: The Identity project is based on movement as the protagonist. Inspired by the tailors from small Italian towns as well as the rigorous Switzerland where the origin of the factory of the product comes from. The concept of development was configured through morphological operations with textile wefts and geometric interlacing from textile planimetry. The rhythm coming from the curves containing the product foam was the main organizer of the brand definition process. The typographic language was inspired by different treatments of signage and graphic of TAYLOR recognizable mainly in the 20's and 30's.The work applied to the result contains the SWISS-ITALIAN origins of the OPTIMA font as binding between the harmony of the canes and the STENCIL details that relate their details.

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