• ISL Agency

    The Project: ISL is a Global Sport Management Marketing Agency working with the world’s top organizations, brands and athletes. With expertise in experiential design, marketing and brand management, ISL delivers unmatched results both on and off the playing field. ISL uses its innovative, young talent and powerful relationships to provide the highest level of professionalism to organizations, brands and athletes all over the world.
    The Brand: When it came to the logo, we wanted to include various elements, while maintaining a simple and effective look.
    We wanted to be modern, but also to reflect some concept so we decided to include a sort kind of raised arms/wings representing the "Effort" and "Victory" as it is a huge part of the sport and one of the elements that makes “ISL” a special brand.

    Primary Services: Branding Development, Art Direction, Graphic Design, Website Design.
    Client: Panamera Branding www.panamera.co