AMALGAM OP.I Journal and Identity

  • AMALGAM is an ad hoc transdisciplinary journal that works at the intersection of typography, language, and the visual arts. Amalgam Op.I brings together a selection of writings, transcribed performances, and interviews with a diverse group of designers, linguists, and visual artists including: Alexandru Balgiu, Philip Burton, Dinamo (Johannes Breyer & Fabian Harb), Meghan Ferrill, Devin King, Alice J. Lee, Gerry Leonidas, Paul McNeil, Peter O'leary, Rouzbeh Rashidi, David Jonathan Ross, and Gregory Vines. The highlights from this issue include: Paul McNeil's note on the evolution of typography, text, and language; Typographische Monatsblätter cover design process by Gregory Vines; an extended interview with Dinamo discussing their thought process behind their work; and Norfolk typeface original sketches by Philip Burton and Armin Hofmann.