Longines Masters Season IV

  • I am thrilled to announce our collaboration with Longines Masters for their fourth season.
    It will be a highly intriguing and colourful event!
    EEM presents a new Season of the Longines Masters  Paris - Hong Kong - New York and invites fans from around the world to enjoy a remarkable lineup of sports, entertainment and unforgettable moments. 

    I designed new artworks with a pop interpretation full of vibrant colours! Hope you enjoy and like it!

    Agency - Agence LAFOURMI​​​​​​​

  • All cities have a single common point: the spectacular view of naturally impressive horses. 
  • For me Paris is the city of literature and fashion. I got to pick blue as the main color because it represents the intellectuality and the calming impact of literature and the timelessness of fashion despite having been changed over the course of years. Other vivid colors I've included are the result of the indulgence of other senses when literature and fashion are combined.
  • New York first comes into mind as the metropolitan city of the world.I tried to display a prominent charm of the city, diversity, using other vivid colors. The iconic Statue of Liberty, joyful people in the city and their sense of becoming free with art are some other factors I've been inspired while portraying New York.
  • In the Hong Kong design, I focused on the traditional and modern lives living together, to the hectic streets of the city and the multi-colored cuisine culture. I expressed the blend of modern and traditional lifestyles boldly with hues of red.  Moreover, the hectic streets and the unlimitedly colorful cuisine with blue and green colors. The iconic red boat of the city, the dynamism of the horse and the joy on the faces of spectators are the perfect description of Hong Kong for me.   ​​​​​​​
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