Expedia HQ Redesign

  • The desire to travel comes from the reward of exploration and discovery; it feels good to experience a new place. At the same time, traveling evokes feelings of anticipation, movement, and spontaneity. 

    This feeling translates into the architecture and interior design of the Expedia HQ in Chicago by creating a space that feels communal and energetic. The interior design encourages exploration from destination to destination, as they are distinguished in contrast to the open plan.

    The art and graphics throughout the space draws from the architecture and signage systems that house a golden age of travel, like airports, train stations, and hangars. I created a wayfinding and signage system for employees to navigate the space, as well as a custom neon inspired by vintage travel postcard typography. Elements such as large-scale artwork panels for the library abstract the idea of locations on a map, as well as wallpaper patterning for the restrooms, and faux travel inspired posters for the elevator lobbies. Conference rooms were given custom names by regions of the world and corresponded to their geographical location within the building. No detail was spared: to welcome employees on move-in day each desk had a custom designed vintage luggage tag with their info on it.

    Creative Direction: Jeremiah Britton & Devin Vermeulen Interior Design: Matt Wood Art & Graphics: Simi Mahtani