• AXEER® is a media production company that specializes in creating and promoting value-based content. The company produces documentaries, music videos and feature films. AXEER® does not only produce value driven content, they do it in a revolutionary way using a different type of music and highlighting different angles in every video they produce. 

    I had the chance to work with AXEER® on their strategy and reworking the brand across all communication materials. The brand concept relies on the fact that the company always highlight a value, a message or a story that is told through their videos. A dynamic type based identity uses the two "EEs" in the word AXEER to hold the message, to contain the values and to frame the story.

  • The rebrand touched several collaterals and communication materials. This includes cards, letters, brochures and internal posters.

  • The online brand behavior focuses more on the functional side. The design is seamless and simple to let the content shine. Visit AXEER®