Bramptonist branding

  • Bramptonist is an online blog about local arts, culture, news, events and restaurant reviews for tourists and the people of Brampton.

    Bramptonist readership is made up largely of millenials from Brampton. We found they valued hyper-local content and that majority of their viewers were in between the ages of 24-35 and predominantly female. With around 170K month visits and over 16,000 active followers, we researched various tactics on how the brand identity could connect with people in a more meaningful way.

    We created a logo and mark that was responsive and adaptable. The simplicity of the typeface, with slightly modified edges not only made the wordmark unique, it gave the logo a sense of fun and edginess. The dot in the “i” incorporated the brand mark subtlety which fit well with the customized font, as well as made for a unique differentiator for the brand mark.

    Introducing the new brand identity on social media was a huge success. Branded hats, sweatshirts and tote bags began creating buzz, which further created an authentic brand connection and increased brand loyalty.

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