TARGET wine made easy.

  • Company:
    Target Corporation  
    Point-of-purchase (P.O.P.) tools and promotion.
    Demystify and simplify wine selection for novice wine shoppers (based on master sommelier
    Andrea Immer’s “Wine Made Easy” book) to enhance purchase confidence and on-the-spot sales.
    Translate Andrea Immer’s easy wine selection guidelines into consumer-helpful P.O.P.:
    1) P.O.P. illustrating “Wine 101” for at-a-glance wine insights (fruit flavor, body style, color, oak flavor)
    2) “Wine wheel” tool recommending wine pairing with common, everyday foods
    3) Promotional display showcasing Andrea Immer and her wine book
    Product testing in a dozen greater Napa Valley area Target stores performed extremely well
    (consumers and wine critics were both overwhelmingly impressed), leading to a nationwide store
    roll-out (except in prohibiting states).