Interior design, exterior design, author’s supervision, equipment, general contract. The area is 60 sq.m.
    The project was implemented in 2017
    Moscow, st. Nikolskaya, 10/2
    Participants of the project: Igor Belyaev, Alexander Pushkaryov, Oleg Raevsky, Nikolay Yarin

    Go Coppola is a new and democratic branch of the world famous beauty brand Aldo Coppola. While Aldo Coppola is a patron, mastership custodian and etalon in the world of fashion and beauty, Go Coppola is a rebellion, a revolutionary, a genius hyperactive child who always finds a better way. Developing the interior of Moscow beauty salon Go Coppola opened on Nikolskaya street, we were following the creative spirit of the brand. Their masters know the trends of tomorrow’s fashion, they apply advanced technologies of haircutting, hairstyling and dyeing and are able to totally transform client’s image – from head to nails – within an hour. This is why we put the highest efficiency factor into every centimeter of the space.

    The area of the salon is tight – only 60 square meters. It is just like a small apartment, BUT there are high arched ceilings, giant panoramic windows and historical red brickwork. We decided to use both square and cubic meters of the space and make the best of the area and volume of the room. As a result we built a sophisticated, sublime, elaborated and high-accuracy designed interior. Smooth lines of floor and ceiling to divide the room onto zones and gentle shapes of lights and furniture enable using more of the space, comparing to straight lines and sharp angles. The glass lobby smartly separates the front door from the welcome-area, while a radial stand of incredibly enshrouding shape hides the working places away; a very wide soft sill works as a cozy waiting area. Most of the interior is monochrome and thus can easily turn into a tabula rasa – providing much space and freedom of imagination. For example, this is what allows adding some bright – yellow, red, and black – decor elements and change them in accordance with your current mood or weather.