Interior design, author’s supervision, equipment. The area is 130 sq.m.
    The project was implemented in 2017
    Moscow, blvd. Tsvetnoy, 15, shopping and entertainment center “Tsvetnoy”
    Participants of the project: Igor Belyaev, Alexander Pushkaryov, Oleg Raevsky, Nikolay Yarin

    Aldo Coppola is one of the oldest beauty brands. However, there is a giant chasm between what was in the beginning of career of the famous hairdresser Aldo in Milano in 70ies and what the brand has become by now. Not only the technologies but their new philosophy play its role. The philosophy is rather simplistic – being ultra-fashionable, adhere to trend-setting, practice original approach to everything. ‘Ultra-fashionable’ is the word that attracted our attention. It contains brightness, motion, speed, innovation, striving, sound, passion, freedom and broad-minded attitude. We knew how to express those immaterial ideas through colors, textures, lines and interior fabrics, that is why we took up to implement these ideas in all beauty salons of the brand opened in Moscow under Go Coppola name.

    The first salon was the one located in ‘Tsvetnoy’. This was a real challenge: we had to create a modern, bright, recognizable interior in compliance with all the requirements of the trade center. We could not change the style of floors or ceilings, we could not move or paint the columns or install doors and screens – all the tenants of ‘Tsvetnoy’ coexist in the same space and shall support its style and uniformed colorlessness. But we managed to accentuate Go Coppola interior playing by the rules – via the lights, color and shape. The expressive illumination, contrasting – yellow, black and red – lines and décor revived the space. At the same time the furniture, lamps, ceiling and walls remained light though attractive due to their original forms. For example, the wavelike desk seems to be floating in the air. Such effect is created by the glass supports of the desk. By the way, the glass furniture is one of the most recognizable features of interior. And there is a reason for that. The glass chairs, desks and shelves do not enclose the bright elements of décor but, vice-versa, amplify the effect by deflecting their image.