Let's See Some ID

  • A voting rights poster show was organized by Nebraskans for Civic Reform to recognize the defeat of Voter ID in Nebraska and illustrate the struggle for voting rights in the state and nationwide. There are ten prints with all proceeds going to fight future voter suppression legislation. This is my print from the show.
  • PROCESS NOTES: When I was asked to participate in the show, of course I jumped at the chance. It's my favorite mixture of things; design + poster + activism. And when it comes to voting in America, nothing gets me going like disengenious voter suppression tactics. The United States, afterall, ranks 138th of 172 nations in voter turnout. Looking at the hard numbers since 1960, we haven't been higher than 64% and have been as low as 49%. 
    We as a nation claim to uphold and protect our sacred right to vote yet we pass legislation to shorten early voting periods, end same-day voter registration, limit voter registration drives and require a driver's license to vote even though this thing called "voter fraud" doesn't exist. We close polling places, tolerate 8-hour lines and continue to have election day be on a regular old Tuesday (why it's not a national holiday I'll never understand). Not to mention the scare tactics and the lies targeted at minority populations in an attempt to flat out block their vote. 
  • DESIGN NOTES: Hovering around 50% turnout since 1980, yes, we want your vote, but you gotta get through this first. This being; WWII blockades, shark infested waters, explosions, radiation, fire, skulls, mazes, zig-zags, chains, and barbed wire. Once there, we'll need to see some ID, and please try to not let your hand get cut off by the saw blade.
    The event itself showcased ten prints from Nebraska designers as well as the incredible ballot design accessibility work by Drew Davies and his team at Oxide Design Co.
    Specs: 18 x 24" 2-Color screen print on French Paper Speckletone Starch Mint 100lb Cover. Hand pulled by Screen Ink in Lincoln, NE.