Cultivated Culture Testimonial - 2,122% ROI

  • Cultivated Culture is an online education platform offering free as well as high-ticket products that help people land the job and salary of their dreams. Their strategies have been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, and Inc. just to name a few. I was happy they chose me out of the millions of other freelancers and studios they could’ve worked with. At the time (2017) I was a struggling entrepreneur and was lucky enough to be referred to them by an old client from my freelancing days. Since their website was bringing in around 1 million visitors a year and their sales funnel took place online, I had a great opportunity to rethink their design strategy so they could convert users at a much higher rate.

  • Cultivated Culture had a landing page that generated tens of thousands of visitors per month. Before working with me they already had an established sales funnel and were selling premium products to customers. By doing absolutely nothing except for changing the visual design of one landing page on their website and a slight change in their UX, the company was able to better establish trust with prospective customers which contributed to a 33% increase in conversions for their primary Call to Action - their email list, which was where all the sales magic happened. When they hired me (last year) I had just recently opened up my consultancy to the world, so I offered my services at a fraction of what I charge today. The small investment they made in my creative strategies produced a 2,122% ROI within one month.
  • I run a lean design collective that works with internet startups and high growth companies. We provide strategic marketing-focused UX, design and front-end development services. 

    By bridging the gaps between beautiful results-focused design and engaging commercial content, clients typically increase engagements, conversions, and sales within about one or two months after working with us.

    I typically have the bandwidth to direct multiple projects at once - if you’d like to become our next client, shoot me a message anytime at, or just send me a direct message right here on Behance.