Gravity Healthcare Brand

  • The Brand
    Gravity Healthcare uses RTLS combined with A.I. and Machine Learning to automate clinic operations, including staffing, appointment scheduling and appointment management and task. This leads to more efficient clinics, by locating potential bottlenecks in the work-flow and training opportunities for staff. It also allows doctors 
    and staff to manage their time better.

    Core Values
    Innovative: Gravity Healthcare is on the cutting edge of RTLS technology and utilizes data to inform better decisions.
    Intelligent: Gravity Healthcare uses AI and machine learning to analyze data to provide tools that automate current manual processes within a clinic.
    Optimization: Through its technology Gravity Healthcare and help clinic to optimize its operations, increase profit margins cut down on wasted resources and capitol.

  • The Logo and Mark
    The logo was designed to work with the word-mark, but also to be distinctive enough
    to stand on its own to represent the brand.
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