Polaris Tech Charter School Brand

  • Polaris Tech Charter School

    In August 2018, a new school with an innovative education model opened for all students in Jasper County, South Carolina. Jasper County is situated in what has been known as the “corridor of shame” for lack of adequately funded education. Students in this area do not receive opportunities to succeed, and nearly half of all students drop out of school. Polaris Tech was founded with a new education model to better serve Jasper County’s students, and to give all students the opportunity to succeed. Whether a student wants to attend college, or move directly into the community’s workforce, Polaris Tech will prepare them for life after school. Polaris Tech reached out to us to develop their new brand, which is inspired by the North Star, and its presence as a guiding point for humanity.

    Brand experience
    Website design and implementation

    Polaris Tech Charter School, client
    Megan Pacelli, copywriter
    Campus Suite, web development and CMS