Time of the Wolf

  • This is the second year I've worked with Nebraska Appleseed, a non-profit public interest law firm, to organize a poster show. The organization's new mantra was the core theme; to inspire people to Stand Up For Justice in their community. This is my print from the show.
  • PROCESS NOTES: From the show brief: to tear down the obstacles of discrimination, oppression, and reckless indifference that keep the poorest of us poor and further weaken those among us who are vulnerable. I didn't want to focus only on the negative aspects of the issues, but I also didn't want something too hopeful. Sometimes people need to be shaken up to get them to act. At the time I was thinking a lot about a Michael Haneke film called "Time of the Wolf" that depicts a harsh, distopian future and what it's like when social structure breaks down completely.
    The reality for many people struggling today is extremely harsh and full of fear. I wanted to plant an image of that type of reality, to get the viewer to care and to take action. I started with sketches of a creature rising from the shadows, then was drawn to the deep blue construction paper as a backdrop.
  • DESIGN NOTES: The wolf (or dragon as some people have said) rises up from the rich black against a high urban structure. A defenseless youth stands under sharp teeth, red demon eye and a bright moon. The type at the top is subtle, meant to point us in a hopeful direction; we stand up so we all have a chance to dream. Thankfully, someone put that ladder there. 
    The prints from this year and last can be purcahsed online with all proceeds going to Appleseed's efforts fighting for justice and opportunity for all.
    Specs: 18 x 24" 3-Color screen print on French Paper Construction Nightshift Blue 100lb Cover. Hand pulled by Screen Ink in Lincoln, NE.